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async-graph-data-flow is a Python library for executing asynchronous functions that pass data along a directed acyclic graph (DAG).


  • Functions organized as a graph 🕸

Your asynchronous functions are nodes in the DAG. Each node yields data to its destination nodes.

  • Let data flow along the graph 🥂

It’s like how champagne flows along a champagne tower. Graph execution continues as long as there’s still data between two connected nodes.

  • Customizable start nodes 🧨

By default, graph execution begins with nodes that have no incoming nodes, but you can choose to start the graph execution from any nodes.

  • Data flow statistics

Utilities are available to keep track of data volumes at each node and optionally log such info at a regular time interval.

  • Exception handling 💥

Choose whether to halt execution at a specific node or any node.

  • Lightweight 🪶

The source code is only about 400 lines!

  • Single-machine Usage 💻

We love Big Data™ and distributed computing, though deep down we all know that practically we accomplish a ton of work on single machines without those big guns.

  • Pure Python 🐍

The library is built on top of asyncio from the Python standard library, with no third-party dependencies.

Download and Install#

pip install async-graph-data-flow


Start with Quickstart. To better understand how the library works, see Technical Notes. Then get inspired by and see what features are available from More Examples. Don’t forget to check out the API Reference as well.


BSD 3-Clause License.


This library is authored by Samuel Asirifi, Gbolahan Okerayi, and Jackson Lee at Civis Analytics.

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